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Firebomb spam

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Agile Vanguard, 15 Nov 2018.

  1. Agile Vanguard

    Agile Vanguard Well-Known Member

    8 Apr 2018
    Random Battle Bay player and tuber.
    In a land far far away...
    I came across one of P0rthos' old videos today. Watch from 3:06

    The second clip shows a shooter with 3 firebombs and P0rthos calls it unique. If he could only see the bay now lol
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  2. jfcliche

    jfcliche Member

    21 Sep 2017
    Well, *three* FB at once would certainly be unusual. I'm not sure I've ever seen more than two — but we do see more FB in the Bay nowadays, that's for sure.
    Good vid though. An oldy but a goody !
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  3. Skirra08

    Skirra08 Well-Known Member

    15 Oct 2018
    https://replay.battlebay.net/HJMHSVKC#NHPVSLXN HoangLong() 3 firebombs, but he has connection problems so it'll probably make you motion sick if you try to watch him.
  4. Fiorell

    Fiorell Active Member

    24 May 2017
    Ah I miss those videos. No one so far came close to the entertainment Porthos vids provide...

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