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Enough of the Bill Shup....Time for Developers Get Busy.

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by GrizzlyMoose, 1 Dec 2018.

  1. GrizzlyMoose

    GrizzlyMoose Active Member

    19 Dec 2017
    I have been playing for well over a year now and although changes to the game are sometimes frustrating as long as I can shoot at boats I'm good.


    There are several issues with the game that need addressing.

    1. No display of coins earned in Battle Log. (I have been told it will be fixed in next update.....BILL SHUP)
    It worked before and is a simple change in code to reflect either coins or stars earned......why wait for glorified update when it can be implemented with event start.

    2. Disappearing Ships!......This may not be fixable until update but extremely frustrating.

    3. Matchmaking.....This is always a problem but when you get unbalanced teams with 4 yellows vs 5 shooters etc. it is skewed. Ship types should balance out too. No team should have more than 2 of each ship type except shooter. Not too hard to code that either I think.

    4. Event rewards. Why only perks and ship pieces? I will probably never play the ships because it would take forever to get parts. I'll just use them for storage. As for perks, they aren't worth the coins. We can't buy parts or pieces now and that sucks.

    5. Events lasting less than 48 hrs......I mean seriously.....there must have been way too many getting 900 coins in 3 days. If you can't get 900 now you can buy the coins.....but spend them now because if not you may as well burn your money cause the coins you just bought are gone. This is the epitome of greed. Spend you money on coins......something Rovio will take from you. Coins should carry forward....they are battle rewards that were earned...(We don't lose gold, sugar or pearls) ....especially if you bought them.....and even if you could carry forward the amount less than 20.

    It's the greedy changes you have made which caused my to cancel my VIP (no incentive without better rewards) and stop buying offers.

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