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Buying Container with multiplier

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Sewah, 27 Nov 2018.

  1. Sewah

    Sewah Well-Known Member

    14 May 2017
    My question, if you buy this container:
    how do you manage it if your inventory can hold let's say 60 items which is currently have only 5 empty slot.
  2. Sewah

    Sewah Well-Known Member

    14 May 2017
    Screenshot_20181127-093355_Battle Bay.jpg Screenshot_20181127-093406_Battle Bay.jpg
    If ur inventory is full because u bought the epic multiple container (10x7=70 item(minimum)), how do you claim gift?
    Current inventory is 60 + epic container 70= 130 items.

    Beside buying additional Inventory slot (not cheap btw), can someone share how do you manage this load of items.
  3. SWAT0013

    SWAT0013 Member

    23 Nov 2017
    You should get temporary places - at least that was what happened to me when I opened last 10 containers bundle for pearls from ads about maybe half a year ago as I did not think about low inventory space when buying it ;)
  4. BattleRascal

    BattleRascal Well-Known Member

    26 Jul 2017
    I've bought about 3 of those deals in my game lifetime.

    The game will give you temporary inventory spaces to hold all the items. The downside to these temporary inventory spaces are:
    -You can't open FREE Crates or claim the Crates in the item shop until you have a free inventory slot
    -You can't remove and sell perks from items while your inventory is over-filled(so you should scrap everything you can before buying the deal to clear space.) Since I use my unclaimed achievements items as extra inventory space, I only hold enough inventory of items to take my weapons to Tier 4(plus 1), the extra item to get to Tier 5 is sitting in my unclaimed achievements.

    Here is what I did:
    1st time: I kept almost everything and luckily had lots of pearls saved up to increase inventory space.
    2nd time: I kept most of the epics and a few needed rares (had to scrap a lot for parts) and I think I added another inventory slot purchase
    3rd time: I scrapped almost everything except for the needed epics(I picked up 4 epic explosive cannons through this deal). Had inventory space already to handle this.
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