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Boat Change Training Configuration Profile

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Banderas, 19 Feb 2018.

  1. Banderas

    Banderas New Member

    9 Dec 2017
    For those of us that play multiple boats, we find ourselves constantly spending an enormous amount of time retraining crew. One idea is to create a profile for each boat aligned with our preferred crew settings. This would permit us to save an enormous amount of time to rapidly swap out boats.

    An alternate suggestion would be to permit the user to name the configuration such as:

    Shooter FB Setup
    Shooter Torp Missile Setup
    Speeder Forst Torp Setup

    Hope this suggestion would be beneficial for time savings and allowing us to play more.
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  2. Snapshot

    Snapshot Well-Known Member

    4 Dec 2017
    Heh, I'm working on a spreadsheet that'll cross-reference every training level for every crew with every item and ship. So I'll be able to filter the whole list based on my current ship build and see what skills affect it.
  3. PastelPiku

    PastelPiku Well-Known Member

    27 Jan 2018
    It costs pearls to skip training time, including retraining, so they'd actually lose money by making this change. However, if it cost pearls to buy more talent setups, I'm sure many players (including myself) would buy them. The price can increase depending on how many talent setups you own.

    Trust me, I don't mind waiting for retraining, so I don't spend pearls to skip it, but I would spend pearls for multiple setups as they're one-time payments. Additionally, if someone wants to make a change to one of their existing setups, they could still spend pearls to speed that up, too.
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