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BB Legends of Tomorrow (Part 1)

Discussion in 'The World of Battle Bay' started by super_sonic181, 14 Sep 2018.


Who's gameplay you liked them most?(choose 2)


  2. ShipCrusherCz

  3. super_sonic181(Me lol)

  4. Support Guy

  5. AJ-GUTS

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. super_sonic181

    super_sonic181 Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2017
    Somewhere on EARTH!
    Hey Guys super_sonic here! Everyone looking at the legendary player and wanted to be like them (even me). For me it's Definetly 'P0rthos' and for others, others. So Today super_sonic181 presenting you some of the Future Legendary Players i.e. "RNG-HELLS-BELLS" , "ShipCrusherCz" , (ofc Me lol) , "Support Guy" , "AJ-GUTS".
    Do leave a feedback and support us to be better.
    I'll try to make Part2 asap with new players from different league (players like us)...
    @ShipCrusherCz @ScrapKing
  2. ScrapKing

    ScrapKing Active Member

    7 Jul 2018
    Im legend of yesterday yay

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