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Battle Communication Tweaks

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by FDR's Think Tank, 18 Jan 2018.

  1. FDR's Think Tank

    FDR's Think Tank New Member

    17 Jan 2018
    Would it be possible to change the battle directions to a toggle, instead of wearing off after a few seconds? Some people really seem to follow, help, attack, and capture really well when asked... But only for the length of the command. Each player could have one "active" command, so cancelling would be automatic for highly commuicative players. I think this would be of great use to fixers.

    Perhaps a "Hold this spot" beacon as well, for important corridors and ambushes. Although, I can forsee silly people placing them in meaningless or dangerous locations.

    On a probably less quality of life note:
    It also occurred to me that some load outs leave me with empty slots with zero points.. perhaps signalling equipment that has no damage or actual statistical effect could be added... Like actual flares, smoke signals, decoy torpedoes... Then again, I don't know if many upper tier builds have empty zero slots. This would pretty much be a vanity thing, although factions could develop their own code for what signals mean. Of course, this is overthinking it. People would actually use these to taunt, in all likelihood. Would it really be more annoying than taking directed cannon fire to the back from teammates?

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