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Account Sharing & Safety Notice

Discussion in 'Rules' started by The Grim Repair, 3 Jun 2018.

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  1. The Grim Repair

    The Grim Repair Community Manager

    26 Sep 2017
    Sharing is caring - unless it's your account!

    Many of you might think it's harmless to share your Battle Bay account access with your friends. Any kind of account sharing is firmly against the Rovio Terms of Service, as it is in any other game, for various reasons. Most importantly, you are compromising your account security and open yourself up to losing everything. Any Account found to be shared, traded or sold - will face severe to permanent account closure.
    "Did you Do it?"
    "How much did it cost you?"

    Fast Facts on account sharing risks and why you should never do it:
    1) PERSONAL DATA at risk: Sharing can only happen via synced facebook accounts, google play or game center log ins or your device.

    Any of these options are putting you at high security risk including losing important personal data. Through sharing it is also possible to open your device up to keyloggers and viruses.
    These, in turn, expose yourself to other people accessing even more important data such as stored bank details, other personal data and apps you use.

    2) IRREVOCABLE ACCESS - You can not remove synced Facebook profiles and Game Center/ Google Play accounts from your Battle Bay account.
    Once ANY device has accessed your B.B. account, after you shared access, this device can FOREVER access your Battle Bay account. The only way to prevent another device from accessing the account again, once shared, is a factory reset on that device. Only the person using the device could do that.

    3) INVENTORY SCRAPPED - friends can become unfriends, we've all been there. As soon as you share account access with anyone they have full control and can maliciously destroy your account by scrapping your inventory and everything you got.
    There is NO ROLLBACK option. We do NOT restore scrapped items or give any other support in such instances.

    Is it worth the risk?

    4) BATTLE BAY ACCOUNTS can not be hacked. This is good news, of course! It also means, that any malicious or third party account access has to have been granted - another reason not to share.

    Recent third party pearl loader service - ACTIONS taken
    You might have been approached by a third party, either in game, or outside of the game on Discord or a website advertisement to buy pearls cheap.
    These services always operate with illegal methods; most recently with refund fraud. Using any such services is against our terms of service and Fair Play spirit, and will lead to permanent account closure. Refund fraud means, that none of the payments ever reached Rovio while the pearls still remain in game. Keeping the goods (pearls) causes damages to the game economy as well as violates Fair Play.

    Third parties and those who used them are violating the integrity of our Community. You might have been told "it's safe", "don't worry they can't see you do it" and "there will be no consequences" .
    Even people you trust may urge you to use third parties and encourage you to allow them account access. However, none of what they tell you is true.

    Some Real Talk, Grim version: Nobody ever will approach you out of the goodness of their hearts to give you a seemingly "cheap" or "easy" way to get hard currency. These attempts are always a criminal operation and the only way you should react is: stay away. :cool:

    We recently permanently banned 200 Battle Bay accounts for refund fraud, allowing third party account access.
    It is never worth the risk. Sooner or later, it will get your account banned. Our investigation and monitoring of third party fraud and account access continues.

    STAY AWAY from account sharing and STAY SAFE!
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