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abandoned thread , pffff

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Kurd1stan., 21 Jun 2018.

  1. Kurd1stan.

    Kurd1stan. Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2017
    5 vs 5 but no team wins or loses no kills counted , 5s-10s respawn time , 5min or 3 min battle duration , and the average damage in that match is calculated and anyone who deal damage equalled to the average gets 5 coins or 1.5 star and anyone deal as damage as the average damage + 50%of the average damage gets 10 coins or 3 stars .and anyone who deal 0 get 0 coins or stars ,and who deal a bit less than the average get 4 coins , 1 star , who deal a bit more get 6 coins and 2 stars.......... ( and for fixers there healing is multiplied by 0.8 and that is counted as there damage ( example : 100k heal and 50k damage is counted as 80k+50k=130k damage ) ) that 1.5 star is counted as 1 star but usually the average damage has 5 digit and to get the same amount is kinda impossible i mean if the average is abcxy you might get abcxy+1 or abcxz so no problem with 1.5 star equalled to to 1 star . and getting 6 stars or more is counted as a win so that the contribution is counted for guild quests ,
    there are many players who asked for 1 vs 1 , and said that they have the worst team ever , so this event will be great that iam the reason of my reward

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