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A Brief History of Redneck Messiah Wasting His Time

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Redneck Messiah, 30 Dec 2018.

  1. Redneck Messiah

    Redneck Messiah Well-Known Member

    28 Oct 2018
    Damage Depot
    I've spent far too much time making useless, memey threads... and will probably make many more in the future, because screw it.
    Here they all are:

    The WWII Era French Army plays Battle Bay: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/the-wwii-era-french-army-plays-battle-bay.23931/

    The Finest Dining Experience on the Bay: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/foundry-meatpacking-incorporated.23405/

    Battle Bay Vloggers: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/blastian-paul-vlogs.23723/

    Battle Bay Meets TikTok: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/i-wanna-be-reaper.23402/

    Redneck Messiah Willingly Harms Himself For Likes: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads...y-or-idiocy-im-still-making-up-my-mind.23693/

    Battle Bay "Life Hacks": https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/battle-bay-life-hacks.23894/

    Crew Member Journals: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads/crew-journals.23432/

    New Ship: https://forum.battlebay.net/threads...id-not-clickbait-not-memes.24022/#post-195264

    Last edited: 7 Jan 2019
  2. Agile Vanguard

    Agile Vanguard Well-Known Member

    8 Apr 2018
    Random Battle Bay player and tuber.
    In a land far far away...
    Just a suggestion, make the titles a link like in Anti's strategy thread. It makes it look better.
    Sidd gamer likes this.
  3. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    Man~ it's a headache doing that embed. The text loses color and formatting, then you gotta do the whole thing all over again.

    Btw I'm writing a Hunter's Manual, I think you'll love it. A detailed SWOT analysis of each ship.
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