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The Grim Repair
26 Sep 2017
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The Grim Repair

Community Manager, Female

Sleep...must...resist ☠️ 15 Nov 2017

    1. JacksJohnson
      I have a problem with missing inventory. This isnt the 1st time it's happened but it is the 1st time it hasnt returned. Any thoughts?
    2. wusolja
      would like if gear lube & rudder ability was brought back, not as a gear itself. gearlube added to point weapons perk, rudder added to turbo. would like a push for this. Thoughts?
    3. Grand_Paladin
      Is there any plans to buff the defender or the ship is just going to be obsolete slowly at nightmare leage :), i play different ships ,, and sometimes i want to play defender but i just cant ,, ship is too weak.
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      3. Grand_Paladin
        #I think tesla shilds needs a small hp buff.
        #Mines need to work differently, not nerf the dmg, just make it work differently, in small maps like the ones we have in this game, sometimes its not fun when the map is fully covered with mines. I dont know if u can implement that or not, but for example lets say the mine would have an area of X and u cant toss another mine in that area.
        11 Mar 2019
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      4. Grand_Paladin
        11 Mar 2019
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      5. Grand_Paladin
        Something important as well , i remeber that people loved the bandage bug when they kept healing ,when u 1st released the hctdm event , i would try to use that.
        11 Mar 2019
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    4. Temujin Jones
      Temujin Jones
      Hello Grim Repair, My 2 ideas is “Ship Scuttle” It gives the Captain the chance to destroy his own ship possibly destroying, or injuring unfriends! The ship scuttle could only be used when health points are below say 100.This is the fun part! The explosion is a visually colorful mushroom cloud with a flash the entire board can see! No need to change anything thing else. #QPHGSDMH,FOEHMER.
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    5. JoshW
      Hello Grim,
      If you get a chance I would like to change my name on the forums to reflect my IGN: FlareDevil. Thank you in advance :)
    6. Sammer86
      Hi Grim, can you please change my username to: !!NEGATIVE!!
    7. speedark
      Hello sorry for bothering I wanted to ask if it is possible if the mk7 versions of the boats will come back and also if it is possible that the gatling gun could have another heavier shooting sound effect, and if you can upload the soundtrack of the update video 4.2 I loved to hear it, thank you for your attention.
    8. Blacktail879
      Why are you not doing anything about YSL and her continued harassment of players and specifically LULU. She has created a discord server and shared the link all over BB World. Pure hate speech. And she admits to harassing lulu until she quits battle bay.
      1. Ser Tomaz
        Ser Tomaz
        What cause that?
        13 Dec 2018
    9. victorwass
      It's tedious to play with the new update for low-resource devices, it's slow and closes
    10. CanWeBeFriends???
      Grim, I do not have discord and i can't get it, will i still be able to get Mod from you? Maybe you can chat with me in game?

      P.S Please let me have Mod i have spoken to Caffeinated Chris about this in game, but he said you do the Forms :)

      P.P.S My BB name is what it is for this
    11. Shaun Valdezco
      Shaun Valdezco
      How do i fix the robot sounds??? Cant play properly. I have the new huawei mate 20 pro
      1. The Grim Repair
        The Grim Repair
        Heya - sorry to hear this issue occurred!
        Unfortunately we can't help with technical issues of that kind. I could only recommend you to disable sounds. You can make a thread in the forum about it and ask other players if they have the same issues with the same device. At the moment, we are not aware of any such issues.
        5 Nov 2018
    12. Shaun Valdezco
      Shaun Valdezco
      I just bought the new huawei mate20 pro. I installed the game but when its loading, there is some kind of robotic noise and i dont know how to fix it. Even in game it makes robot noises. Please help
    13. T rx
      T rx
      Do interceptor event will come again
    14. Nikkie!
      Hey Grim!
      This is the 57th Profile post at your profile (exclusive responses at things said here)
      I wish you good luck and don’t forget to celebrate the 57th profile post :P
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      3. CanWeBeFriends???
        Remember me??
        12 Nov 2018
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      4. Nikkie!
        Of course I don’t
        12 Nov 2018
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      5. Subbie the Blaster
        Subbie the Blaster
        Nice try, A for effort lol
        10 Mar 2019
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    15. NoOne
      Hi I need some help please, I did the update in my Ipad air1,
      to version 12.0.1 after that when I go to the game I can get in but is taking me out,

      I already uninstalled 2 times yhe game but is the same.. can you help me ? Hkss
    16. banana boat
      banana boat
      I have a question, in my game, my speeders engine wheels don,t move any more. The boat just slide along the water, is there anyway to fix this bug? It bugs me so much because it looks so unnatural and weird.
    17. Brian Olinger
      Brian Olinger
      I have question for you. How does a person become a mod? I know that its got to be a stressful position but id like to know just in case i get a wild hair.
      Thanks, E.S.
    18. captian cnote
      captian cnote
      Hello would you be able to help me figure out how to delete my accounts. Or who to talk to about it. CAPTIN CNOTE is my player name. I’m on iOS. But I believe the accounts are not on my phone rather on games server
    19. Nickshan Amirthalingam
      Nickshan Amirthalingam
      It would be nice if you would answer my question
    20. Levinson Contreras
      Levinson Contreras
      today I bought a level 47 account to a boy named lisandro vallejos walls after 5,000 pesos Dominican pay him everything, but when I enter I discover that someone else is using it, apparently an Argentine, I have proof that if I buy the account, I do not want to be victim of fraud Please you are the only ones who can help me.
      My account is: levinsonelmakina07@gmai.com
      FB: Levinson D Contreras Muñoz
      1. The Grim Repair
        The Grim Repair
        13 Oct 2018
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