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29 Mar 2017
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    1. Alexandr
      Hello! Can't write in the General chat, why? Please help
    2. Rajan
      How to add friends during game play
    3. Qwertyuiopasdfghjkl
      I have a suggestion for update 2.4 why not homing torpedoes ? It can take 3 sec charging time or something with low damage
    4. Heremon
      Can you help me out? I changed my phone today and I had to reinstall the game. Once i enterd, it recognized my google play account, but it threw me in the tutorial anyway and forced me to create a different alias. Why? This is not a good system. Please help me recover my account. Alias is Heremon and the account tied to it is just_fun4me@yahoo.com
      1. Heremon
        Nothing? Great support ^_^
        26 May 2017
      2. BlackPearl's
        U synced with Google play games or not ?? Or any fb account sync ?? Then it's easy to recover
        27 May 2017
    5. NaveFantasma
      Hi Miika, i have already posted on the Forum and someone told me to contact directly an admin...i have on my profile the German Flag cose i started playng in Germany but im italian and i would love to change my flag into the Italy flag to fight in Battle under my Country Flag...can you do it please? (My name in game is NaveFantasma, Marina Militare Italiana is my guild),
      Thank you very much for whatever you can do
    6. JDAR
      Never mind I have more now XD
      1. The Otherguy likes this.
    7. JDAR
      That moment I have as many posts as you lol
    8. Samkwa
      Guys am having issues with my game.
      Evolving my rare cannon after i levelled it to 10 and my bhurt is above level 10. But the evolve can't click why
    9. ZeHn
      Bonsoir ! J'ai une petite question :) Pourriez vous demander à un créateur l'idée la ? :
      Mettre les points de vie donné aux Alliés dans le classement là où il y a les dégâts, bateaux détruits, ect.
      Merci :D
    10. Rich E
      Rich E
      New members to guild are showing up three times, The_Black_Pearl. . .
    11. Tazgad
      Hi I have problems with my chat when I write, do not send the message and I don't see nothing
    12. Prince Christian
      Prince Christian
      Please help me, I dont know how to upgrade my sniper cannon to tier 2 for it needs another one. How?
    13. Pinecone
    14. Mali gad
    15. Aiipii
      How long is the maintenance?? Cant log in 6hrs. Ago
      1. Guillaume
        Bonjour je n'arrive pas à faire évoluer mon bateaux lvl 2. Est-ce normal ?
        9 May 2017
      2. Aiipii
        Sorry.. I can't understand french.. I always get this screen saying.. Server is under maintenance,
        9 May 2017
      3. wyccan
        Guillaume a tu tout les condition requise pour ?
        9 May 2017
    16. captain jagosi
      captain jagosi
      please ! i need help ? why i cant join guild everytime i press guild buttom it says no service ????????
      1. Mr squiqqle
        Mr squiqqle
        Only the friend chat is back up and running. Global chat and guilds are still undergoing work
        9 May 2017
        captain jagosi likes this.
    17. YTB--SKYDARKgfx
      Pk. Je peut plus accède à la guilde est que je vois plus les chat
      1. wyccan

        Il y a actuellement un beug il règles le problème au plus vite
        7 May 2017
    18. DanielsxDD
      Cómo puedo hacer flotas para jugar con amigos?
    19. matthew phan
      matthew phan
      hey Miika, can you please let me know if you guys can make it so there are 1v1 3v3 and perhaps 7v7 modes? I want to 1v1 my friends but i can't
    20. Ankit Arora
      Ankit Arora
      Hi Mika, I cannot access guilds, nor see my friends
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