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29 Mar 2017
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    1. *Rubber Duck*
      *Rubber Duck*
      Hey, u don't add ppl to friends list? :( watched u play on our team the other day...good going!
    2. ROCKS!
      Where is search button in Android chrome browser
    3. Sarkozuh
      Hello. should we wait for co-op game with 5 friends or so and will be 2?
    4. Scott Ries
      Scott Ries
      Miika what guild are u in?
    5. Méndigo
      Excuse miika But I really want a legendary blast cannon and the system has not offered me more legendary pieces. Please help me get it. Thank you
    6. Sir_OzZy
      Hek Miika. Why o cant buy i weapon from the shop. Its like weapon fpr a miracle to ivolve my box launsher
    7. Daniel Bastos
      Daniel Bastos
      Olá Senhor Administrador minha Conta Foi Suspensa por 7 Dias Injustamente. Sou YouTube e Preciso Criar Conteúdos todas as Semanas para Postar Vídeos novos de Battle Bay.
      Baixei Minha Infâmia Para gravar um vídeo de "Dicas Para Iniciantes" e Assim ajudar Os Iniciantes e Fui Supenso Injustamente. Espero que resolvam o Problema.
      Meu Nick: Daniel Bastos YT
      Canal no Youtube: Daniel Bastos Battle Bay.
    8. Fanar
      Hay miika I was playing yesterday and I came across the a hacker and i recorded everything can you help me this is the link to the vedio https://youtu.be/OJMocB5gMWc
    9. TheAntiSnipe
      Hi there, Can you please review the post "Repeating cannon"? I commented on it a while ago. Please give your opinion, it would be appreciated.
      1. Nikkie! likes this.
    10. KingRijo
      Hi there.. It would be great if there is a benefit for guilds.. and also it would great if it's a team battle.. 5 vs 5. And more sugar candies are wasted so any options to use it or donate it to guild something like that would be great.
    11. Tommy Andersson
      Tommy Andersson
      Is it possible to change my forum name somehow? My Phone kind of auto-typed it all in when i created the account and i didnt really think about it. "/ i'd like my new name to be Andarath if i can. :)
    12. Elkardirov
      Would it be possible to increase the number of friendly fleet to 3 thank you cordially
    13. Elkardirov
      Would it be possible to increase the number of friendly fleet to 3 thank you cordially
    14. Alexandr
      Hello! Can't write in the General chat, why? Please help! My room in the game #QCXWRKJJ
    15. Johan_Crs
      Guilds are also awfully useless. Dev team should add something like 5 versus 5 guilds matches..
    16. Johan_Crs
      Maybe the dev. Team should add a training mode, and think about a new way to dispatch infamy, currently inequal and unfair for a player who did 4K damages more than his teammates and who lose the same.
    17. Scott Ries
      Scott Ries
      Miika is there something in the game where if u tie up to a wall or object you can't move? Cuz my controls go NIL at any barrier
    18. Chief Rey
      Chief Rey
      I click login and it loads and never comes
    19. Chief Rey
      Chief Rey
      Please tell me I'm not able to login with my Google account
    20. Chief Rey
      Chief Rey
      I'm not able to login with google account what should I do
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