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29 Mar 2017
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    1. *JAWS*
      Miika...I sent you in game pm. In your role back...you guys took away the leg big torpedo I paid money for. $300. Pearls are not an adequate substitute. My leg, torpedo was purchased before I ever did any token farming.

      Also remember I talked to u before I did any token farming,...

      If there is any decency. Please return what was taken from me.
    2. Nectunoend
      Dear, Could you explain us this “account maintenance” please. Thanks
    3. AVID
      why so many having 2 lakhs quest gold and plenty of pearls....? i saw their screen shots...!
    4. AVID
      Identify the cheaters and rollback their status to the stage before the guild quest started. its good to all.....so many cheating and earning a lot. our hard work gonna be wasted due to this.....
    5. Sir_OzZy
      We are havimg allot of guild problems. Its sais. Uknowne guild eeror. We csnnot fleet up
    6. Sir_OzZy
      Hey Miika. Why am not getting any stars even thos am winning. It happend to me 4 times now qnd the rewards after the winning for me is so so so low. Like att second place ive got only 9k gold and one star.
    7. LV42 ^ weksels
      LV42 ^ weksels
      Hello! I will be very happy if I can get back my 100 pearls! Game crushed! Because of bug on guild quests! I restart the game - and see that 100pearls are gone! And 3 boosts 5x I got! I dont need that boosts! I need pearls for premium chest!

      It happen 35min ago! 15.40 at my time gmt+3 my nick - DWDR ^ weksels and game ID #BDFCJPSZ

      Tnx before help
    8. Easton Vasquez
      Easton Vasquez
      Hey I heard of this awesome update that will drop soon. Can you tell us like a day or race of dates that it might drop in
    9. noob421
      hey do u guys "developers " play battle bay? if u do then who has the highest trophy?
    10. Mr patron
      Mr patron
      I changed my name from wave surfer to MR PATRON but can't find how to do so in forums. Please help
    11. LV42 ^ weksels
      LV42 ^ weksels
      Can u make 2 more arenas in here?

      1st. u can make arena in fog our mist! That we cant see good the enemy! Will be much more clouse combat not camping
      2nd. There can be 2 atom reactors and capture in midle and nothing else! But the point is - that because of radiation 25hp will get lost every 3-5 sec. And it will be interesting... that no one will not camp... and much more work for fixers...
      1. Pradenas likes this.
    12. Rango8
      Hey miika, Ik you're usually the one that digs out the stats, so I was wondering if there's any possibility you could tell me what my highest infamy was with mk4 defender?
    13. Mca
      Can you make the game controller compatible?, it would be great if you do. I'm using an ipad to play, sometime it gets hot and heavy when i play it for a long time. It'll be nice if we play it with a controller
    14. Virg
      When will we be able to actually battle as a team? Guild vs Guild (5 vs 5)??? That would make for a most killer game!!!! Would this be possible?
      1. Pradenas and LV42 ^ weksels like this.
      2. LV42 ^ weksels
        LV42 ^ weksels
        Great idea! Clanwars is more interesting... not one player game but team work!
        20 Sep 2017
    15. Rez Messing
      Rez Messing
      Don't know who to ask about this. Is there a Battle Bay merchandise store somewhere? I'd definitely rock a Battle Bay T-Shirt :)
    16. Laslappas
      so now I'm not getting stars anymore and I can't get boxes and make my weapons grow. I have no hope to go back to 1000 infamy to get out of the punishment thing. So I'm asking for the cancellation of my account so then I'll be able to start from the scratch. Please make me free. Thank you. Ps... my name in the game is --GRANDEPSOAS--
    17. Laslappas
      Hi Miika,... I was suspended for a week and now I am in a punishment regime because my infamy is too low for my mk5 ships. Ok I accept this but now I'm stuck in a level of 300 infamy, fighting against 1100 infamy enemies and with weapons at first level (my brother dismantled all my previous weapons)...
    18. *Rubber Duck*
      *Rubber Duck*
      Hey bud u there? Had a question for u on the bae watch tournament we are putting together
    19. hooman king
      hooman king
      free me miika
    20. *Rubber Duck*
      *Rubber Duck*
      Hey, is there a way i can talk to u directly about the bae watch tournament? I'm a partner in running it
      1. *Rubber Duck*
        *Rubber Duck*
        I am curiouse if we could get a pinned topic in general discussion so the community we are doing this for can easily find information about it
        2 Sep 2017
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