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New Profile Posts

  1. Subbie the Blaster
    Subbie the Blaster
    Subbie is gone for good
    1. Nikkie! likes this.
    2. Nikkie!
      You’re gone?
      Right now when you have such an awesome profile picture!?
      24 Apr 2019
  2. VantaBlack
    VantaBlack Geo Capt Tbag tactical
    Why don't you use any perks?
  3. Micro
    If i told you that you are a gay but you are a lesbian.
  4. JacksJohnson
    JacksJohnson The Grim Repair
    I have a problem with missing inventory. This isnt the 1st time it's happened but it is the 1st time it hasnt returned. Any thoughts?
  5. Micro
    Micro Su-57
    is that your dream sky craft?
    1. Su-57
      its a Su-57 fighter jet .
      22 Apr 2019
    2. Micro
      oh okay but for now what is your occupation for now ? if you had one
      22 Apr 2019
  6. Micro
    Micro bigfoot_is_real
    Send me your Battle bay serial number :)
  7. Micro
    Micro Redneck Messiah
    Oooh i love your friends they reply A Lot. Btw nice shotgun
    1. Agile Vanguard likes this.
    2. Nikkie!
      Who are his friends?

      And oooohhh, that weird brown thingy is a shotgun XD
      Never knew that lol
      22 Apr 2019
    3. Micro
      Haha lol
      23 Apr 2019
  8. VantaBlack
    This game needs agility normalised again real badly
  9. Micro
    Micro X•H!B!T
    Oh hey there potato it's a me mario (H20 • VelocIty)
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    2. Micro
      eh, its been a while since he din't update here status.
      22 Apr 2019
    3. Nikkie!
      Uhh, yeah, not everybody needs an up-to-date-status ;)
      22 Apr 2019
      TheAntiSnipe and Nicolas like this.
    4. Micro
      well yah but not for me
      22 Apr 2019
  10. Micro
    Micro Guncaptain809
    When i see your profile i see that this guy ended worl war 2 black and white style
    1. Guncaptain809 likes this.
  11. Micro
    Micro TheAntiSnipe
    Crew Online : Spam Squad ( The ONLY crew ) literaly
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    3. Micro
      if you said that they are other crew how many of them and name it
      20 Apr 2019
    4. TheAntiSnipe
      LOL at that. As far as I know, most of the mods who are MVPs seem to stay on the Toobers Discord, and are also quite the busy bunch IRL as well. Also, Grim definitely comes around a lot though she doesn't post much.
      20 Apr 2019
      The Otherguy and Nikkie! like this.
    5. Micro
      Oh ok thx for that and some information.
      21 Apr 2019
  12. Micro
    Micro VantaBlack
    every time when i am battling at the foundry i always remember your face.
    1. VantaBlack likes this.
    2. VantaBlack
      I bet you want to shoot that piece of the wall to bits now, huh?
      19 Apr 2019
      Nikkie! and Micro like this.
  13. DarthCyder
    DarthCyder Jelly Dessert 99
    Is that your car?
  14. wusolja
    wusolja The Grim Repair
    would like if gear lube & rudder ability was brought back, not as a gear itself. gearlube added to point weapons perk, rudder added to turbo. would like a push for this. Thoughts?
  15. -729835959
    An EARTHQUAKE hit... (April 18th, 13:01,UTC +8)
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    2. -729835959
      Well, wrong word using I think...
      A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck at 1:01 p.m.
      20 Apr 2019
      Micro and Nikkie! like this.
    3. Nikkie!
      No, you didn’t use the wrong word :)
      I was just messing lol , because I can’t imagine that an earthquake would hit something else than Groningen
      20 Apr 2019
      TheAntiSnipe, Nicolas and -729835959 like this.
    4. -729835959
      (My classmate said "Well, the teacher taught us we can feel the earthquake and guess where's the epicenter, let's try this!" when the floor is still shaking.)
      20 Apr 2019
      Nikkie! likes this.
  16. Eeyore
    Eventually online, but where’s my tail ?
    1. Uerguy and Nikkie! like this.
    2. Nikkie!
      Owl’s bell-pull has it, ask Christopher Robin ;) (Altough I have it, but shhhhh, no one knows as this is written in parentheses)
      16 Apr 2019
      Nicolas and Eeyore like this.
  17. TVNPryde
    My son about 6 years ago
  18. Micro
    Micro TVNPryde
    by the way who is that on your profile picture?
    1. mehdi likes this.
  19. TheEnfoDancer
    TheEnfoDancer TheAntiSnipe
    Hey TheAntiSnipe,
    this is Gtat from BB
    Nice to see you. Just created a forum account.
    By the way please watch Parth Demon. He might be up to something again.
    1. bigfoot_is_real and Nikkie! like this.
  20. Mugiwara SunnyGo
    Mugiwara SunnyGo
    U give me a bOls1t mate at war