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New Profile Posts

  1. NathanaelK
    NathanaelK mathetes
    Your profile says you joined yesterday. Welcome to the forums!
    If you have questions about anything, feel free to message me on my profile page. :)
  2. Richard Rerisi
    Richard Rerisi
    Infamy updates is horrible
  3. The Faddu
    The Faddu
    Rogue Warriors {RWAR} is where it's at!
  4. Ash KOT
    Ash KOT PingKoT
    Woohoo you signed up :)
  5. Casplink
    Hola a todos ,saludos desde Puerto Rico
  6. Foxtales
  7. R4Z0R
    stop stalking me...dont keep reading...what are u doing i said stop reading...STOP...ok now you're just getting weird..go away...now...bye..
  8. Rushicanna
  9. Redneck Messiah
    Redneck Messiah
    ROviO PleASe AdD a STAndARD Big tRIpLe ExplOSIVE caNNoN LaunCHEr
  10. JoshW
    Battle Bay is Love, Battle Bay is Life.
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  11. TheAntiSnipe
    Wizard of the cannon ;-)
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    2. Redneck Messiah
      Redneck Messiah
      you didn't say blast cannon...


      You're kicked out of the cult. ;)
      13 Jan 2019 at 01:48
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    3. TheAntiSnipe
      You can't get kicked out of a cult... If you made it yourself #rollsafe :P
      13 Jan 2019 at 02:04
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  12. •A L A R I C K•
    •A L A R I C K•
    Hello World
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  13. IDarkWarsPlay
    Espero regrese el modo de tres VS tres para octener fichas para los dos nuevos barcos
  14. Kool_Aid
  15. marky04
    Accidentally scrapped a rare turbo... I know it's just rare but I like fast ok? And am a noob I don't have them fancy purples to play with
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  16. -729835959
  17. JoshW
    JoshW The Grim Repair
    Hello Grim,
    If you get a chance I would like to change my name on the forums to reflect my IGN: FlareDevil. Thank you in advance :)
  18. Jelly Dessert 99
    Jelly Dessert 99
    How did Antman survive in the quantum realm if he was shrunken smaller than an atom of oxygen?
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  19. tiago
    primeiro capitão na escuta
  20. PeoplesChamp46
    New Updates Are Disappointment!